๐Ÿš€Release notes

27th March 2024

Big update!!!

  • New 5-10 minute parts check in experience: "Spend time with your parts daily with a simple check in."

  • Guided pre-session "Self meditation"

  • Quick answer buttons during the deep IFS experience to make the experience more flow-y

  • Brand new shiny lovely home page

(Lots of bug fixes)

9th Feb 2024


  • Add a subtle background texture to the session page that only design nerds will notice


  • Fix case where guide was stuck thinking for minutes

  • Handle case where session reports are filtered by openai gracefully

  • Fix case where guide looped asking how you feel about the part

7th Feb 2024


  • Improved mirroring of your words (we find it feels much more attuned!)

  • Add IFS Checkin exercise to the start of sessions

  • We check for & handle concerned parts everywhere in the session now

  • If Exiles show up first in a session, check for protectors then proceed to spending time with the exile

  • New light mode design for guide


  • Fix: Session transcript scrolls to the top randomly

  • Fix a few audio-related issues

24th Jan 2024


  • We rewrote all our audio and microphone handling; hopefully this means itโ€™ll be much more reliable for your sessions now!

  • The guide will now ask for clarification if it doesnโ€™t understand your latest message (due to microphone issues or typos)

  • The guide will give an NVC-style reflection of your latest message as part of its response

  • Keep guideโ€™s text visible while youโ€™re talking

  • Handle concerned parts in more of the script


  • Fix audio dying occasionally in chrome and safari

  • Fix journals not syncing to the backend for some users

  • Fix bug with feedback modal submission while microphone is enabled

  • Add warnings for firefox & safari about audio sessions being buggy

12th Jan 2024


  • Prevent more cases where the guide would ask the same question twice

  • Guide handles concerned parts in more sections of the session

  • Added "expected session duration" to session-choosing page

  • Improve wording in session start wizard


  • More reliable microphone in sessions

  • Fix case where the guide would output the wrong message after a transition to a new step

  • Better error handling so that when something breaks, the user is prompted to refresh the page

  • Fix pauses not registering

  • Fix occasional case where a paragraph of text wouldnโ€™t be spoken

  • Fix session report not generating: make it more robust and handle bad gpt-4 generations more smoothly

  • Show an error message when a session report fails to generate. Our team will also be notified and will regenerated it as soon as possible.

4th Jan 2024

This release is focused on making our IFS experience great. Almost all items were sourced from user feedback; thank you for sharing, itโ€™s invaluable as we build this product!


  • Improved average time for the guide to start a response from ~15s average to ~5s average. We worked hard on this one and hope you enjoy!

  • Guide will loop on the same question drastically less.

  • IFS: Guide asks more natural followup questions as youโ€™re describing parts

  • IFS: Many quality of life improvements!

  • IFS: Better handling of exile hesitancy

  • IFS: End sessions whenever by requesting the guide to end here

  • IFS: Select a new main protector for a session by requesting it

  • IFS: Guide will follow whatever pronouns you select for the part (beta, let us know if you have any issues!)

...and various bug fixes

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