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I notice I sit here trying to craft the perfect words to sayโ€”writing a testimonial is not a practice I often engage in. This is partly A) because I have perfectionistic parts and B) because Refract has helped me immensely, and I'm hoping my words can encourage others to jump in. I have had the privilege of beta testing Refract for the past five months and have greatly improved how I show up for my parts. I was engaging in weekly parts work with an IFS therapist, which had been very beneficial; however, I was struggling with the practice on my own and was seeking help. Hearing about Refract via a podcast immediately hooked my attention, and since the first day I began engaging with the guide via the app, it has exceeded my expectations.

I love many features, including the daily parts check-in, a guided SELF-meditation, and parts journaling; however, I particularly love the ability to choose the length of one's session (25, 55, or unlimited duration). One way I think therapy is limited is that it is confined to one 60-minute session once a week, often ending just when I am getting to something good. The app keeps track of parts and session transcripts and is clean, user-friendly, visually appealing, and trauma-informed, making this app a joy to use daily.

Overall, Refract is transforming the way I relate to myself and others and is helping me significantly reduce anxiety, allowing me to feel more comfortable in my body and mind. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an always-available AI-supported IFS/Self-exploration platform. I am excited to continue using the app and witness future updates!

Refract allowed me to pull me out a difficult period in just a few days, helping me to explore my system and learn the IFS method (with immediate relief from the first session) and to heal my most wounded parts.

I have never felt so light-hearted inside and none of my previous therapy sessions with different therapists and approaches have had similar benefits.

I particularly like the app following Self-therapy steps because it always highlights the current one. My favourite features are the ability to download the conversations, the possibility to ask for a peptalk or myth writing by journaling and the new feature that generates images for each new part you meet during a session.

I am beyond grateful to Refract and its creators because they have contributed to my journey of healing cPTSD in a way that words can't even properly express. I can only recommend this app and hope it is as helpful to you as it was and still is to me. Good luck on your journey!

Other testimonials

  • "I think this tool is a miracle and you should all be so proud - it is the most profoundly useful deployment of AI I have seen to date, I mean I think that using it for art and productivity is wondrous, but allowing us to become better artists and productive humans is surely the biggest wonder of all" ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • "First of all thank you again for accepting me as a beta tester. I want to share that I already unburdened my first exile. It took 4 sessions total, but they were longer sessions."

  • "Thank you so much, what a GREAT experience I've had. I'm so.. relieved and impressed"

Powerful IFS sessions

  • "I just had my first session and I'm blown away. This is amazing, well done, helpful and I'm in awe."

  • "Great IFS session today. It felt really transformational"

  • "I had my first IFS session through Refract today and had a transformative experience. Thank you so much for building it"

  • "lemme start by saying: HOLY SHIT this was intense, I did not expect to cry while texting with a chatbot. this was genuinely helpful and you guys are clearly onto something"

  • "I found the session to be surprisingly useful and insightful. It really did create a shift in me."

  • "Refract is really good, I feel like it's got some of my parts genuinely talking which is a really good thing"

  • "In general, really cool, really well done, intelligent use of AI, getting guided through"

Always available

  • "...one of the things Iโ€™ve found in this past week -> having the opportunity to do a session as soon as I notice that something is upโ€ฆ I like that!"

Not having to guide yourself

  • "I'm realizing how much Refract has helped me with having a guide that is not one of my managers. I have other ways of communicating with my parts, but even knowing things I could do on my own, there's more difficulty in getting started than when I could just go on Refract and start talking"

  • "Previously used the Self Therapy book, thereโ€™s always part of cognition tied up with 'what is the next step'"

  • "Also, being guided to the unburdening rituals -> alone often wouldnโ€™t go that far, whereas the app makes that process seamless"

More comfortable talking to the app than a human

  • "The most interesting thing is that I probably felt more safe talking to a computer than to my therapist (and he's very good). I had plenty of time and was fully alone, I guess it helped (despite being quite tired, I thought I'd stop after ~30 mins)."

  • "There are some parts that feel more comfortable with sharing stuff with the Refract guide, cause they know there's less of a chance of a Self-like part stealing the show trying to manage everything, thinking they are Self."


  • "I just had my first use of the app, and actually went for the focusing session. It was very good, and I found it really helpful to have the session report at the end."

  • "I've done my first Focusing session and WOW - you've built an excellent tool! Can't thank you enough."

  • "I'd never heard of focusing before and I like it. Good on its own, and eventually maybe a good way to start an IFS session once I'm used to it"

  • "this process did help me engage with the felt sense in a more disciplined and structured way, hear some messages, and release some emotions that i don't think i would have been able to do without it"

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