❤️‍🔥Refract user community

As of the 12th of April, we now have a user Discord!

What is the purpose of the community?

  • Healthy community first (that is, the main aim isn’t for this to be a place to discuss Refract, but to provide a lovely supportive community for our users!)

  • This will naturally evolve over time, but we’re imagining people sharing what they’re going through, sharing resources, asking for advice, talking about their parts and patterns, getting accountability buddies, making friends…


  • Helping each other: a supportive community of kind people who look after each other

  • Parts-informed: we aim to remain in Self, and to treat parts with curiosity and compassion

  • Empowered members: create your own channels, engage with the community in the way that helps you the most

  • Experimentation: the shape of the community and Discord server will change over time

    • “Be the change you want to see”: you don’t get to a healthy community overnight, tending a garden, naming needs

  • E.g. “I’d love a weekly call!”, “I’d love to offer free IFS sessions!”

Alex: This “Art of Accomplishment” podcast episode on healthy community is what I have in mind!


  • I personally have a preference for people to have their face in their profile pic and be non-anonymous, as I think this can help with creating a welcoming atmosphere and a feeling of trust ❤️

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